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Andover resident for over 21+ years.  Anoka county resident since 1972.  This December will mark my being with my wife for 28 years!  We have 3 sons that attend Anoka Hennepin public schools and a rambunctious puppy.  As a family we enjoy camping and hiking.  I am working on reaching a 25 year milestone at a major delivery company.  That's a tidbit for now, contact me for specific concerns.  I would love to hear from you!





After graduating from Brown institute with my degree in broadcasting I worked for the local cable tv station for Fridley and St. Louis Park.  I video taped many city council meetings over a 5 year span.   I grew to love the dynamics of city governance.  Our city employees do a lot for us to keep us safe and make our city viable.  I have been a Teamster Union Steward over the past 15 years.  I'm active in politics and have been active at the state level lobbying for Outfront Minnesota and the ACLU.  I thrive on finding a solution for issues. When there seems to be a wall we have to put a little more effort into it to make things right.  


Current Issues ◦ Where I stand


•Community Center -my opinion on this is evolving so to be fair I would consider putting addition plans (plural) to voters. I feel we just had this discussion. How about private investment? I’d like a theater/music venue (private investment possibly). hockey parents -i get it, you hate driving all the way to blaine! the idea of a 20 million expansion is a lot for our community to digest.

•Existing trails maintained and any new developments would be encouraged to include a plan for trail connections to existing city trails (if reasonable).

•Safe streets, as Andover grows we need to look at all options to keep our families safe. Including single hauler trash service, and proper signage in trouble areas.

•Preserve and maintain roadways. One way this could be done is by single hauler trash service. Think each trash company we have servicing Andover has up to three vehicles weekly that travel down our roads. this causes wear and tear on our streets; some of our older neighborhood residents understand this and have had repairs to their streets. Our newer neighbors may not have had the glorious experience of a street repair assessment. BTW. Our city from my experience is more than fair about the assessments. Been there!

•I will support the best methods in street replacement. I want our roadways to last. This is how we save money! After all I’ve lived here for over 21 years.

•Engaging conversation, I support insightful conversation about my ideas. Let’s work together to make Andover the best it can be!

•Life cycle housing- Would like to see seniors stay in the area and also attract young people and families to the area with options in high quality Condo’s and or co-op ownership.


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I want to hear from you.  What are your concerns living in Andover?  


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